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Corporate Responsibility

Our vision on sustainability
As a leader in the industry, we carry a huge responsibility in terms of sustainable products. Everything we do has an immediate impact. It is our mission to reduce this impact. We need to balance efficiency with the greater good: the world around us.  
Every single one of our products is reviewed on three aspects: ecological, social and economic. We look at what they do to the environment, to the society and what it yields.

Our Product Sustainability Indicator puts our products next to the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit.
People (society)

•    We’re working according to the highest safety standards. Our system is certified according to the OSHAS18001 standard.
•    We have a cooperation with Stichting Werk Amsterdam.
•    We organise courses and training programs for our employees and customers.

•    We strive to decrease CO2 emissions by 2% each year
•    We strive to cut down energy intensity by 2.5% each year
•    Our objective is to recycle more than 50% of waste.
•    We continuously improve our efficiency to reduce our transport miles.

•    We progressively advance our products with respect to durability and aesthetics
•    Our product procession performances are outstanding
•    Our production sites are ISO 14001 certified.
Sigma en DUBOkeur
DUBOkeur is an environmental quality mark (EQM) that reviews the entire lifecycle of products: raw materials and energy consumption, CO2 emissions, packaging, production process, transport, waste reduction, recycling and the lifespan after profit. As a result, DUBOkeur shows a more honest and realistic view of the sustainable features of the product.






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