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Liesbeth van der Pol

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Liesbeth van der Pol

"Having a colored wall in your house immediately brings a good atmosphere"

Liesbeth van der Pol is an architect working for the Dutch government. ‘You have modern or traditional interiors. When the architecture is done well, both can be used at once’.
What’s the importance of color to a building?
‘Color cannot be used to support a design solely, it determines the character. When you wear an extremely red furry coat, you will look strict, convincingly and distant. Color builds character and sets the mood. The same applies to the color of a building. Each color has its own beauty. White, for example, shows pleasure and is inviting. When you see a white villa, you think about a glass white wine at a terrace. It reminds you a holiday. It’s a great color to relax.’
Which influence has color?
‘I think color should have a positive influence. You see a lot of colors in today’s homes. I think it’s a result of our society becoming harder. As a result, there’s a need to bring warmth and happiness to our direct environment. Colored paint can do this. It’s affordable and gives you an immediate result.’
What’s your advice for color at home?
‘I think that color should complement the living needs of the people. People should be able to identify with it and decide themselves what best suits them. Architects should allow that. Interiors can be modern or traditional. When the architecture is done well, both can be used at once. A building requires a universal beauty, I think. After all, we still want to enjoy it. That’s my goal.’




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